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Kowalski Bathtub Refinishing

Mrs. Kowalski bathtub refinishing project was in desperate need of bathtub resurfacing. When she contacted The Art of Resurfacing Inc. She wasn’t sure if bathtub resurfacing would help to restore or, at least, improve the appearance of her badly damaged tub.  Mr. Kowalski expressed her concerns about the large amount of damage to her tub.  The Art of Resurfacing immediately scheduled an appointment to inspect the damages and ease her mind. Upon inspecting Mrs. Kowalski bathtub refinishing project, it was clean that a tub resurfacing was defiantly needed in order to solve her problem with the large amounts of damage.  Damage was reportedly caused by tenants pouring drain cleaning in her bathtub when it was clogged Mrs. Kowalski’s bathtub resurfacing project would require extensive repair to ensure that the bathtub resurfacing process would result in a beautiful long lasing finish. Mrs. Kowalski’s bathtub resurfacing project was in Scherrillville Indiana.  The job took approximately 8.5 hours to complete. Mrs. Kowalski bathtub refinishing project left her speechless when we brought her into the bathroom for her final approval.  Mrs. Kowalski was so happy with her bathtub resurfacing she asked us to use her as a reference anytime.

Mrs. Kowalski Bathtub Refinishing Project Details

Why the bathroom remodeling was necessary

If the tub resurfacing project was not completed peeling would have caused excessive bacteria growth. Possible injury to feet or legs were a possibility due to the extremely hard paint chips that peeled away.  Possible decrease in home value for prospective future buyers, and a loss in aesthetic appeal.

Helping clients make lasting decisions

We provided our customer with several option including our textured matting to ensure no slip and falls.  The customer show concern that their child might fall whilst entering and exiting the tub. The home owner agreed that this was the safest moving forward.

Mr Kowalski Bathtub Refinishing Project Summary:

  • Cleaned Tub
  • Prepped Tub
  • Stripped Tub
  • Scrapped Tub
  • Acid Etched Tub
  • Double Rinsed Tub
  • Tapped Tub
  • Primed Tub
  • Painted Tub
  • Reglazed Tub

We guarantee your bathroom remodeling for 1 years or we’ll make good on any oversights.

Mrs. Kowalski bathtub refinishing project

Kowalski Bathtubrefinishing Prep Shot

Kowalski Bathtub Refinishing

Kowalski Bathtub Refinishing After Shot

Do It Yourself

For those looking to do it yourself: Check out Bob Villa’s website: Do it yourself!