Sink Reglazing

Sink reglazing when done right ensure a total sink refinishing. If you are dealing with outdated colors, chips, or a dull finish we have a sink resurfacing, sink reglazing, solution. Complete the remodeling of your bathroom. Our process is guaranteed and works that’s because we take a strong pride in *HOW* we achieve your sink surface and glazing.  Our sink reglazing process is guaranteed.  All imperfections will be remedied and a, brilliant, durable lasting finish applied.

Learn More About Sink Reglazing

At the Art of Resurfacing Inc we ensure your sink reglazing and resurfacing will be elegant and beautiful. That’s why we offer a 1-5 year sink refinishing and sink reglazing warranty.  Be sure to follow our 30 day care guide.  Our care guide is designed to preserve your sink final surface finish.  Among other information, our guide will help you understand which chemicals are good or bad.  Not following our guide, could lead to early erosion of the surface.  If you do so, you will enjoy a long lasting finish that won’t peel or chip away.

When refinishing a sink we take care to assess how many layers of resurfacing has been done in the past. This will determine what approach we take when striping, prepping, priming, painting, and glazing your sink’s surface.  We will carefully tape the bathroom to ensure that no residual overflow from our priming and finishing process stains any other surfaces.

Our in home experts have over 15 years of combined experience, so you can expect a quality job the first time. Learn more about pricing or check out our pricing calculator on the home page to get a free and instant quote. Or take a look through our recent projects.

We look forward to your sink reglazing job. It’s what we have been doing for 15 years.

We guarantee your tub for 5 years or we’ll come out and resurface it again.

Sink Reglazing, Resurfacing, Process

Step 1: Care Guide

  • Explain care and maintenance and care agreement.
Step 2: Cleaning
  • Remove all silicone around the tub and walls and tub.
  • Rinse and apply acid wash, scrub, and remove tub residues
  • Dry surface completely
  • Rinse and Repeat
Step 3: Acid Etching and Stripping
  • Apply proprietary acid etch to the glaze (the glaze: is the shine off of the tub so the porcelain has millions of pits on the surface so that the top coat is not laying on the surface, but becoming part of the surface)
  • Rinse and scrub tub to remove etch residue
  • Completely Dry the Tub
Step 4: Surfacing Prepping
  • Make chip repairs
  • Sand all repairs
  • Sand the tub
  • Vacuum and dust tub for residual elements (a rag with strong adhesive/sticky properties to remove all dust from the tub)
  • Completely cover/tape bathroom to protect surfaces
  • Prep surface of tub
Step 5: Priming
  • Prime tub with Poly bond styrene gorilla grip primer.
  • Roll textured slip resistant matt on bottom it is an option for safety
Step 6: Painting
  • Apply multiple coats of Acrylic Urethane, 1 quart cup for standard size tubs.
  • Let coating dry for 25 to 35 minutes depending on room temperature and humidity.
Step 7: Recaulking and Drying
  • Unmask walls and recaulk tub
  • Let tub dry 24 hours before it is put back into use

What We Can Fix

We can fix the following tub resurfacing issues:

  • Outdated Colors
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Pits
  • Rust
  • Scratches
  • Divits
  • Dulge
  • Inconsistencies

Before & After Shots

After Sink Resurfacing

After Sink Resurfacing

Before Sink Resurfacing

Before Sink Resurfacing

After sink reglazing

After Sink Reglazing

Before Sink Reglazing

Before Sink Reglazing