Mrs Bluett Tub Resurfacing Project

Mrs Bluett Tub Resurfacing Project – Before

Mrs Bluett Tub Resurfacing Project

Mrs Bluett Tub Resurfacing Project – After

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Mrs Anderson Bathtub Reglazing

Customer Mrs Bluett was a referral.  When we arrived we learned that her tenant was complaining about the condition of the tub.  The bottom of the tub was peeling and chipping.  The chips were so hard in fact that the tenant was afraid that their child would get cut from the flaking paint. Upon inspection we discovered the tub was very porous, which allowed bacteria to grow.  Cuts and bacteria don’t go well together.  We focused the conversation on QUALITYAt The Art of Resurfacing Inc we strives for total customer satisfaction, an upfront honest assessment, which includes: providing you, the customer, with a sound foundation of understanding before moving forward with any repair. We back this by our 5 year warranty on all our bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing, bathtub refinishing, and sink and counter top refinishing and resurfacing. with the tenant and home owner.

Shortly thereafter we stripped the bottom of tub and proceeded with our standard tub resurfacing process. We installed a non slip surface on bottom of tub for the child. We completely resurfaced the tub.

This Bathroom was located in Griffeth Indiana 46324. Mrs Bluett’s Tub Resurfacing was started and completed on October 5, 2013.

Mrs Bluett Tub Resurfacing Project Details

Why the bathroom remodeling was necessary

If the tub resurfacing project was not completed peeling would have caused excessive bacteria growth. Possible injury to feet or legs were a possibility due to the extremely hard paint chips that peeled away.  Possible decrease in home value for prospective future buyers, and a loss in aesthetic appeal.

Helping clients make lasting decisions

We provided our customer with several option including our textured matting to ensure no slip and falls.  The customer show concern that their child might fall whilst entering and exiting the tub. The home owner agreed that this was the safest moving forward.

Mrs BluettTub Resurfacing Project Summary:

  • Cleaned Tub
  • Prepped Tub
  • Stripped Tub
  • Scrapped Tub
  • Acid Etched Tub
  • Double Rinsed Tub
  • Tapped Tub
  • Primed Tub
  • Painted Tub
  • Reglazed Tub

We guarantee your bathroom remodeling for 1 years or we’ll make good on any oversights.

Do It Yourself

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